Types of Roland Printers & Their Uses

Setting up your very own printing shop in South Africa? You’ll want to have a look at our blog article on the printing equipment a new print shop needs. This Digizoo blog article discusses six types of Roland printers, and what you could use each of them for in a retail printing service environment:  …


Direct to substrate printing

Rolands latest UV machine is the LEJ-640. This machine has the capability of printing direct to almost any substrate. The specs on the machine are as follows : Print width 1615mm, loadable material is 1625mm, The maximum thickness the machine can print onto is 13mm, the maximum weight of the material can be 12KGs! print…


Object Printing

Object printing, otherwise known as, digital pad printing is the most exciting new digital process. Roland has launched the exciting  new LEF-12, with this machine you are able to transform ordinary objects into works of art. Corporate branding has become huge and almost anything that can be branded should be. Our solution is the LEF-12, this amazing machine…