Whether you’re looking to print shop signage, branded car wraps, t-shirt graphics, wallpaper, or other printed graphics in crystal clear detail – chances are there is a Roland digital printer to suit your needs and budget.

Roland DG (Digital Group) is the computer peripheral organ of the Japanese-based Roland Corporation, founded in 1972 and providing exceptional quality musical instruments and other electronic devices. Roland DG manufactures and distributes industry-leading digital printers across the planet, with a large sales and support network in South Africa.

So, what are digital printers and how do they work? What can you print onto and what types of Roland printers are available in South Africa? This page provides answers to these questions and more. Want to learn more about Roland printers? You’re right where you need to be!


What is a Digital Printer?

There are two main printing technologies used today: offset printing and digital printing. Offset printing, like the Gutenberg Press of way back when, uses printing plates to transfer a graphic onto the substrate. Many newspapers are still printed this way. However, this is a costly exercise and takes a substantial amount of time to complete even the simplest of printing projects.

Digital printing, in contrast, uses inkjet or dry toner printing technology to transfer an image contained in a digital file (PDF, JPG, PNG) onto the substrate using either ink or toner dyes. This negates the need for physical printing plates altogether, saving the printers time and money – vital to remain competitive in the modern commercial printing industry.


How Does a Digital Printer Work?

As mentioned above, digital printers transfer either ink or dry toner onto a substrate. But how does your printing job go from JPG file on a flash drive to a physical printed banner or poster?

Before sending your digital file to the printer, printing software (like Roland’s VersaWorks RIP) installed on a desktop or laptop computer transforms your graphic into a ‘raster’ file, or bit map. This places the design on a grid with X and Y coordinates. Essentially, this breaks your image down into individual dots of colour – placed next to, above and below each other to create the whole image.

The digital printer then reads these coordinates, sees the specific dots of colour required at each position, and places single drops of ink or toner on the substrate – faster than the human eye can track! In a nutshell, the raster image file is a set of instructions for the digital printer. Here’s the digital printing process in bullet form:

  • Digital image file (PDF, PNG) is turned into a raster image (JPG, BMP, GIF)
  • Raster image is sent to the digital printer as set of instructions
  • Digital printer ‘reads’ the raster file, which tells it where to place the ink or toner
  • Ink or toner is transferred, dot by dot, onto the substrate.


Things You Can Do with a Digital Printer:

When it comes to ways a printing shop can utilise a digital printer, the capabilities truly are endless. While printers can only print on a handful of substrates (paper, canvas, vinyl, etc.) these substrates can be applied to a plethora of everyday items. Here’s a list of things you can do with a digital printer:

  • Studio-quality photography prints
  • Company profiles
  • Product packaging
  • Business cards
  • Outdoor signage
  • Branded labels (wine bottles, etc.)
  • Banners, flags & posters
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Clothing graphics
  • Shop window decals
  • Canvas prints
  • Sports apparel
  • Flyers & pamphlets
  • Home décor (soft furnishings)
  • Birthday cards
  • Stickers & clothing labels
  • Wallpaper

Using UV printers, like the Roland VersaUV range, the list of things you’re able to print on grows substantially to include coffee mugs, photo frames, computer peripherals, ornaments, and more.


Types of Roland Digital Printers Available:

Roland digital printers come in a range of sizes, capabilities & price brackets. These printers can be categorised into four main types:

  1. Roland Large Format Printers
  2. Roland UV Printers
  3. Roland Dye Sublimation Printers
  4. Roland Printers & Cutters

Roland Large Format Printers

These digital printers are designed for busy printing shop environments that are constantly printing, and for printing projects that require wide graphic installations (like shop window decals, large outdoor banners, wallpaper, etc). Roland large format printers widely used in the printing industry include the Roland SOLJET series, Roland VersaEXPRESS series, and the Roland VersaCAMM series.

Roland UV Printers

Roland printers made specifically for printing onto substrates other than paper, canvas and vinyl. Larger Roland UV printers can print onto substrates up to 6-inches thick, including foam board, plywood, tiles, glass, fabric, cardboard, golf balls, coffee mugs, trophies and more. Roland UV printers used extensively in the advertising industry include the Roland VersaUV LEF-12 and the remarkable Roland VersaUV LEJ-640 printer.

Roland Dye Sublimation Printers

Roland’s range of dye-sublimation printers are essentially profit-generating machines. This is thanks to the smorgasbord of printing applications it offers! Dye-sublimation printers are used to apply dyes to fabrics, and are utilised extensively in the clothing, sports apparel and outdoor banner sectors. Roland dye-sublimation printers popular in the printing industry include the Roland TexArt XT-640 printer and the Roland TexArt RT-640 printer.

Roland Printer/Cutter

These Roland printers are designed to save massive amounts of time, featuring both printing and cutting capabilities in one device. Coming in varies widths and sizes, Roland printer/cutters utilise contour cutting technology to cut out your printed stickers and graphics – regardless of shape. These digital printers also feature Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can control your entire printing project from your smartphone! Popular Roland printers & cutters include the Roland TrueVIS VG series, the Roland TrueVIS SG series, and the highly popular desktop printer/cutter – the Roland BN-20 printer.


Roland Printers in KwaZulu-Natal

Digizoo is an authorised support & distribution agent for Roland printers in KwaZulu-Natal, based in the Upper Highway area of Durban. We’re about as passionate about printing as you can get, with hands-on experience in the printing industry of South Africa. We’ve assisted many entrepreneurs with starting their own printing business, and recommend Roland printers for quality, hassle-free printing five days a week. Here’s why you should partner with Digizoo:

Our Products

We distribute Roland digital printers, trusted and preferred by international printing industry leaders. Printing establishments are busy environments, where printers are tested all day – every day. We’ve chosen to partner with Roland because we trust the workmanship; we know they’ll keep printing as long as you need them to.


Our Services

Digizoo offers a comprehensive Roland printer solution in KwaZulu-Natal. This means that we are able to:

  1. Assess your printing requirements
    We’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking to achieve with a digital printer, the type of operation you’re starting up, the area where your printer will be installed, and the budget you’ve assigned to purchasing a printer.
  2. Advise on the best-suited Roland printer for your needs
    Once we have the facts, we’ll assess your situation and decide on a few Roland printer options that will be best suited for your specific requirements. You can then research these printer options and decide on your preference.
  3. Source a new or second-hand Roland printer
    Digizoo will endeavour to source your preferred Roland printer model, in new or second-hand condition (availability dependent).
  4. Install the printer where you require it
    We’ll collect, deliver and install your new Roland digital printer(s) – taking you through the setup process step-by-step.
  5. Train you and your staff on how to operate & care for the printer
    We can also provide training to your staff members that will be operating the printers, on correct printing procedure and how to properly care for your Roland printers.
  6. Service your Roland printer annually
    They all need some TLC eventually! Digizoo can ensure your new Roland printer remains in top condition by arranging annual maintenance visits on a date and time most convenient for your business.
  7. Provide Roland printing consumables (toner, inks, substrates, spares)
    Digizoo stocks a range of Roland printer consumables, such as toners and substrates, that can be delivered to your premises as and when needed. We’re just a phone call away!


Deciding on the right digital printer for you is a big decision; one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Partner with a company that Roland DG trusts to distribute its printers and look after its customers in KZN – partner with Digizoo. To find out more about – or get a free quote on – any of the above Roland printers, contact Jared Doig on 076 930 7976 or jared@digizoo.co.za today!