History of Roland DG

Have you ever wondered where Roland DG began? As one of the biggest digital pioneers, Roland has achieved many milestones since its early days. Today, we are discovering the consistent innovations that can be seen in this detailed Roland DG history. Roland DG History – A Walk Back in Time Take a walk back in…


Types of Printing Businesses That Are Thriving

Thanks to the constantly evolving tools and technology available today, printing businesses are thriving more than ever before. If you have been thinking about starting a printing business, you may be wondering which type of printing is best to offer your customers. From t-shirt printing, all the way to large format printing, direct printing, and…


What to Consider When Starting a Small Business

Whether you are dreaming about starting a label printing business or thinking of starting any other creative small business, getting your business off the ground can be a challenge. Many entrepreneurs leap right into their great idea without taking the time to consider the numerous steps involved in starting and growing a business. To help…


Common Roland Digital Printer Questions Answered

If you have been considering investing in a Roland digital printer, you may have a number of questions before you make your final decision. In this short guide, we share some of the most commonly asked questions that help you get a better idea of the features and usage of this printer. Keep reading to…


The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Roland Printer

If you have been considering a pre-owned Roland printer,you may be wondering whether this option is a better choice compared to buying brand new or even leasing. Each of these options may seem like a good idea in one way or another. Leasing can end up costing a lot more than you realise overtime, however,…


A Look at the Roland BT-12 T-Shirt Printer

Roland T-shirt Printer BT-12 Designed for easy printing directly onto cotton products, the Roland BT-12 T-Shirt Printer is affordable and innovative. The VersaSTUDIOBT-12 is best used on cotton-based fabrics that are made of 50% to 100% cotton. This printer allows for easy printing onto a wide range of garments and accessories, and even homeware. Products…


How to Make Money with a Digital Printer/Cutter

Digital printers come in a range of brands, shapes and sizes – with different capabilities for various applications in the printing business. Roland printer/cutters are popular choices, with unrivalled product support and exceptional quality workmanship. Thinking about buying a digital printer and starting a side-hussle? Here’s how to make money with a digital printer/cutter: Everyday…


Hot Printing Trends in 2019

As the technological revolution picks up steam across the globe, things are changing rather quickly! The printing industry is no exception to the rule, with printing technologies transforming in line with current connectivity trends. This article takes a look at three broad printing trends that will change the way we think about printing in 2019:…


Types of Roland Printers & Their Uses

Setting up your very own printing shop in South Africa? You’ll want to have a look at our blog article on the printing equipment a new print shop needs. This Digizoo blog article discusses six types of Roland printers, and what you could use each of them for in a retail printing service environment:  …

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A Look at the Roland BN-20 Printer & Cutter

Compare the latest ultra HD smart television to the tubed monstrosities of the past and you’ll notice something. It’s the same thing you see when you compare the latest smart phone to the cellular telephones (bricks) of the 90s and early 2000s. Everything’s getting smaller. Digital printers are no different – with printing industry leaders…


Printing Equipment a New Print Shop Needs

*Still contemplating opening a print shop? See this wikiHow article on starting a print business. With the commercial world becoming more and more competitiveeach year, printing companies are thriving! Branding and advertising campaigns are only as effective as the ways in which they are displayed to the generalpublic – be it on vinyl, Banner, polyester,…


Roland VersaExpress RF-640 – 1.6m Printer

  The New Roland RF-640 Printer has the most Impressive print speed and quality in the industry, with advanced productivity features and unmatched reliability and support make the Roland VersaEXPRESS RF-640 the smart choice for your business. Equipped with the latest print head technology and Eco-Sol MAX® 2 inks, the RF-640 delivers vibrant prints at up to…


Roland PRO 4 – XR-640

The Roland XR-640 is the latest in Rolands range of Digital Printers and cutters. The Roland XR-640 is the next generation in the Pro series of Printer/Cutters. Starting with the Pro 2 then moving to the successful Pro 3 XC-540 to now the ultimate in print and production the XR-640. The XR-640 is a 1.6m…


Roland VersaCamm SP-540i ROI (Return on investment)

  Across the entire range, Roland products are designed to be easy-to-use, affordable and most of all are designed to help you make money.   Whether it’s a machine for production of value-adding products, training in new, portfolio-expanding skills or service in terms of technical support, Roland strives to offer you the complete solution.  …


Laser T-shirt Transfers

We have been getting a high demand for solutions in printing t-shirts. There is a previous post about how to use a Roland BN-20 to create amazing t-shirts but i would like to share an different method today. To see that article please hit this link – T-shirt Printing. Most people who want to create…


Roland VersaArt RE-640

Roland has launched its latest addition to their print only family, this machine will be taking the place of the previous RS-640. It is a 1.6m wide print only device with all the newest technology implemented into it. Engineered for unattended long run printing, the new four-colour VersaArt RE-640 combines Roland’s latest printing technology with…


Get Online From Google

NEW Online Tool from Google For small businesses in Africa. Get Online What are your goals for getting online? Do you want to increase sales? Get more inquiries? Or maybe you want to provide your customers with extra information about your products and services. Your answers to these questions will help you design a website…


Roland White Ink for BN-20 and VersaCAMM VS

Roland has announced that the VersaSTUDIO BN-20 and VersaCAMM VS Series eco-solvent metallic inkjet printer/cutters, now offer a specialised new ink configuration for white-colour printing applications. This new configuration is available in 5 colours for the BN-20 – cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white; and 7 colours for the VS Series – cyan, magenta, yellow,…


Banner Solutions

The World Leader in Durable Indoor and Outdoor Graphics For colorful banners that stand the test of time, Roland offers the durable graphic industry’s best-selling line of wide-format inkjets including eco-solvent and solvent printers and printer/cutters with models ranging from 30” to 104” in width. Most models are supported by the company’s Two Year Trouble-Free…