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CAMM-1 GS-24

Vinyl Cutter Plotter

The Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 vinyl cutter plotter is the next level of precision and efficiency. With a completely redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 offers perfect stability, up to 10x overlap cutting and down force of up to 350 grams so that you can cut like never before — even on thick, dense substrates. The GS-24 is Roland’s best desktop cutter ever.


Keep it Simple
With a newly-designed LCD panel, precise blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting, and an included roller base that help media to feed straight, the GS-24 Desktop Cutter is as easy to use as it is technologically advanced.
GS-24 can utilise a cutting force of up to 350g (nearly a 40% increase over its predecessor)— making cutting thick substrates like magnetic and weeding spall text simple. Multiple Cutting Options: The GS-24 features state-of-the-art overlap cutting (up to 10x), plus half or perforated cutting, and the ability to cut by line colour. Once complicated workflows are now easier than ever. Crop Mark Recognition: With included optical registration system, the GS-24 recognises desktop printer crop marks, perfectly aligning the media to create, precise cuts each and every time.
Small Details, Big Results
With the GS-24, blade offset values can be adjusted manually – which means that even the smallest, most intricate designs will be cut flawlessly on a multitude of materials.
Quick Cutting
Thanks to a highly innovative digital servo motor, the GS-24 can handle vinyl cutting assignments, as well as cutting jobs involving other types of materials, at speeds of up to 500 mm (20 inches) per second. But speed without accuracy doesn’t mean anything. That’s where our curve-smoothing function comes in—precisely cutting at the highest speeds to optimise productivity and efficiency.
CutStudio Included
Included Roland CutStudio software is specially-designed to harmoniously work with Roland cutters, allowing you to quickly, easily, and effectively output cut graphics, including resizing, repositioning, rotating, and mirroring images. The GS-24 also cuts oversized images using a using an improved tiling function, and cuts true type fonts without the need for outlining. CutStudio supports BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats, and can cut directly from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

Get into Cutting

Whether you’re looking for an addition to your business, trying to bring outsourced jobs in house or just exploring new ways to exercise your creativity, a vinyl cutting plotter could be the answer to your prayers. Download our Guide to Vinyl Cutters and discover:

  • What you can create with a cutter.
  • What you need to get started.
  • Which cutter is right for you.

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Distinguishing Features
  • Perfect for cutting vinyl, flock, heat transfers, sandblast material and more
  • Overlap cutting (up to 10x), for cutting thicker media like magnetic materials and card stock
  • Efficiently cuts up to 20-inches-per-second, providing maximum productivity
  • Roland CutStudio software (included)
  • RolandCare Original Warranty
Cutting Edge

Cut vehicle graphics, signs and decals, personalise apparel and create window lettering with the fast and intelligent cutting capabilities of the GS-24 desktop cutter. Includes overlap and perforation cutting, printer crop mark recognition and other advanced features.

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